Tengfei Song


       Ph.D. Student,

       Affective Information Processing Lab,

       Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science of Ministry of Education,

       School of Information Science And Engineering,

       Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

       AdvisorsProf. Wenming Zheng



I received my B.S degrees in Communication Engineering  from Hohai University, Jiangsu Province, China in 2016. Since 2016, I have become a Ph.D. student of Affective Information Processing Lab (AIPL)Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science of Ministry of EducationSchool of Information Sciences And Engineering  in Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China under the supervision of Prof. Wenming Zheng. Since 2019, I have been a visiting scholar in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), NY, USA under the supervision of Prof. Qiang Ji.

Research interests

My main interests include affective computing, pattern recognition, and computer vision.


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MPED Dataset Application



  1. 郑文明,宋腾飞,刘素媛,宗源. 基于图片生成的脑电信号情感识别方法及装置. CN201910747637.X [P] (受理)

  2. 宋腾飞,郑文明. 头控式体感鼠标. CN201710279973.7 [P] (Granted, 授权)

  3. 宋腾飞,韩庆邦,吴婷,殷澄,李健,朱昌平. 基于头部运动的无线体感鼠标. CN201410336073.8 [P] (Granted,授权)

  4. 宋腾飞,韩庆邦,廖海龙,吴婷,邹彦平. 一种头控摆锤式鼠标开关. CN201410599048.9 [P](Granted,授权)

Awards & Honors

  • National Graduate Scholarship (2014)


Email: songtf[AT]seu[DOT]edu[DOT]cn, 185071086[AT]qq[DOT]com

Office: Room 103(South), Liwenzheng Building, Sipailou Campus of Southeast University, No. 2 Sipailou, Nanjing, P.R. China.

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