Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science (Southeast University), Ministry of Education, is the first research center for learning science in China. The key laboratory has high-level researchers with a wide range of academic backgrounds, including neuroscience, psychology, education, biology, and engineering. There are currently more than 60 researchers and postgraduate students in the lab.

The laboratory focuses on the child emotion competence, brain mechanism and methods, child science education. The main research interests include in the behavioral and biological measurements on child development, emotion-related neuroscience, affective computation, brain image, and virtual reality for children’s science education. The laboratory has a number of national scientific research projects, and published a number of academic papers and books.

The laboratory has excellent facilities and research conditions with a total area of 4200 M2, and more than 20 large apparatuses and self-developed equipments. There are 12 research groups, which are of child development, child’s emotion competence, affective informatics, gene and biochemical analysis, bioinformatics, cognitive behavior, EEG/ERP, brain imaging, hardware development, internet applications, virtual reality, and “Learning by Doing” science education.

The laboratory has organized a number of international conferences, such as “Forum on Learning Science”, “SINO-FRENCH Symposium on Science Education” and “International Forum on Children’s Emotional Development and Competence” in the past four years.