FaceHUB 2017征稿启事
Automatic Face Analytics for Human Behavior Understanding (FaceHUB 2017)


Workshop in conjuncate with the British Machine Vision Conference

London, UK, September 7, 2017


This workshop seeks to present and highlight the latest developments in understanding human behavior research in machine learning, affective computing and computer vision fields. 
Automatically understanding human behavior is a very challenging problem in affective computing and human-computer interaction. With the development of computer vision, it becomes possible to analyze human behavior based on image and video at different time-scales and at different levels of interaction and interpretation. Face is one of the communication ways expressed by human beings, and it is also one of the most cogent, naturally pre-eminent means used by human beings for the recognition of a person, but also for communicating emotions and intentions and in regulating interactions with the environment and other persons in the vicinity. In daily life, we are good at perceiving other’s emotion by seeing his/her face. So far, it has motivated many researches on face analysis for understanding human behavior. Therefore, face analytic can endow the computers with a capacity to attribute meaning to users’ attitudes, preferences, personality, social relationships, etc., as well as to understand what people are doing, the activities they have been engaged in, their routines and lifestyles.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Spontaneous expression analysis for behavior understanding
  • Image and video based facial expression recognition
  • Facial behavior analysis for automatic deception detection
  • Continuous and dynamic facial behavior analysis
  • Emotion recognition in the wild
  • Micro-expression detection, recognition and understanding
  • Spontaneous affect databases: collection and annotation
  • Group-level facial expression recognition
  • Deep learning in expression and micro-expression analysis
  • Fiducial point detection
  • Face alignment
  • Temporal models for face analysis
  • Action units detection for expression and micro-expression analysis
  • Multimodality emotion understanding

Important Dates 

  • Tentative submission deadline: July 6, 2017
  • Tentative notification of acceptance: July 16, 2017
  • Author registration deadline: July 18, 2017
  • Camera-ready due: July 25, 2017
  • Workshop: 13:30 pm to 18:00 pm, September 7, 2017



Papers must be submitted online through CMT (update soon) and will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers.

Submissions should adhere to the main BMVC 2017 proceedings style. The length should not exceed 9 pages excluding the references. If you have submitted papers to previous BMVCs, note that the 9 pages are not measured from the abstract. They are measured from the top of the page.

Please refer to the guidelines (https://bmvc2017.london/paper-submission/) provided by the BMVC 2017 for more details.

Papers accepted and presented at the workshop will be published by BMVA.


Workshop Organizers

  • Xiaohua Huang, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Guoying Zhao, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Abhinav Dhall, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India
  • Wenming Zheng, Southeast University, China
  • Zhen Cui, Southeast University, China