Chuangao TANG (唐传高)



     籍贯: 安徽省天长市,1990年出生,中共党员,2016年9月至今于东南大学生物科学与医学工程学院攻读博士学位,博士导师: 郑文明教授。读博期间主要从事人脸表情识别研究,多次参与人脸表情自动识别竞赛并获得奖项,项目经历包括基于面部表情识别技术的婴幼儿自闭症等精神障碍辅助诊断项目、教学表情识别项目。2020年1月-2021年1月通过国家留学基金委选拔,赴新加坡南洋理工大学人工智能实验室联合培养,联合指导老师: 关存太教授。个人联系邮箱:tcg2016[AT]seu[DOT]edu[DOT]cn。  






2009.9-2013.6      西北农林科技大学                机械与电子工程学院                                              电子信息工程专业           工学学士学位;

2013.9-2016.6      北京师范大学                        (信息科学与技术学院)人工智能学院                   信号与信息处理专业       工学硕士学位;

2016.7-至    今       东南大学                                生物科学与医学工程学院                                      生物医学工程专业           工学博士在读;

2020.1-2021.1      南洋理工大学(新加坡)         计算机科学与技术学院                                          人工智能实验室                博士联合培养.

I received my B.Sc. degree in Electronic and Information Engineering from Northwest A&F  University in June 2013, and got my M.Sc. degree in Signal and Information Processing from School of Artificial Intelligence affiliated to Beijing Normal University in June 2016, under supervision of Professor Zuying Luo. I am a Ph.D. candidate of Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science of Ministry of Education in Southeast University under supervision of Professor Wenming Zheng. From Jan. 2020-Jan.2021, I was a joint Ph.D. student under supervision of Professor Cuntai Guan (IEEE Fellow, AIMBE Fellow), in the CENTER FOR BRAIN-COMPUTING RESEARCH affiliated to School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


研究兴趣(Research Interest)


自动表情识别(Automatic Facial Expression Recognition),数字健康(Digital Health).



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专利和研究项目(Patents and Projects)

  1. 郑文明, 唐传高, 柯晓燕, 仇娜娜, 闫思蒙, 宗源. “基于视频表情行为分析的孤独症谱系障碍自动检测方法及装置”, 201911053897.3, 2019-10-31.
  2. 郑文明, 闫思蒙, 柯晓燕, 唐传高, 宗源. “一种基于非接触式设备的视线落点检测方法”, 201910549413.8, 2019-06-24.
  3. 宗源, 刘佳腾, 郑文明, 唐传高, 路成, 李溯南. “基于双稀疏迁移学习的跨库微表情识别方法及装置”, 2020105780645, 2020-06-23.

  1. 基于深度学习的孤独症儿童面部行为分析与辅助诊断, 江苏省研究生创新项目, 2018-2019.

获奖和荣誉(Awards and Honor)

  • Scholarship from Nanjing Artificial Intelligence Industry “Xingzhi Project” (2020.6)
  • Elected as a reviewer of  IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica (2020)
  • Scholarship for Joint Training Project of PhD Students (China Scholarship Council, 2019)
  • Scholarship for Joint Training Project of PhD Students (Education Foundation in SEU,  2019)
  • Winner of the 7th EmotiW Challenge (2019, China)
  • ACM MM 2018 Student Travel Grants (2018, Korea)
  • Second Runner-up Poisition of the 6th EmotiW Challenge  (2018, USA)
  • Winner of the FERA2017 AU Occurrence Detection Challenge (2017, USA) 
  • Second Runner-up Poisition of the 4th EmotiW Challenge (2016, Japan)
  • Excellent Teaching Assistant Award in Beijing Normal University (2015)
  • Outstanding Graduate of Northwest A&F University (2013)
  • National Scholarship (2012)




Chuangao Tang

Room 103(South), Liwenzheng Building, Sipailou Campus of Southeast University, No. 2 Sipailou, Nanjing, P.R. China.



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